Our goal is a large one: To unite all those who love Colorado to work together to save it from the numerous negative effects of oil and gas drilling.

Many individuals and local, regional and national organizations have devoted countless hours of hard work toward this goal. There's still much to be done and we're stronger when united.

Colorado has become one of the top five states in the nation for natural gas production and top 10 for oil, but at what cost? We all use energy, we all want to decrease our dependance on foreign oil, we all want to create jobs and improve the economy, but is fracking really the best we can do?

We strongly object to sacrificing the beauty of Colorado, our clean air and water, our health, our property values, our tourism and our pride in our state. A legacy of toxic waste is not what we want to leave our children or grandchildren.

Oil and gas drilling is expanding before new studies of how it affects our health and environment have been completed. Laws that normally protect us don't govern oil and gas drilling.

Current laws and regulations make it next to impossible for Coloradans to determine their future. Since most mineral rights in Colorado are government-owned, people are required to share their land with oil and gas drilling companies. When things go wrong, no one wants to take responsibility.

We've attempted to collect objective data related to Colorado and present it in an easy-to-understand manner. We welcome more current and accurate data.

Many pages contain excerpts from different sources which we plan to condense into more readable form.


Fracking basics
what is fracking?
spread of fracking in Colorado
history of fracking
documentaries & videos

What goes wrong


faulty cementing
releases of gas
methane in water
fractures reaching aquifers
unknown causes

How fracking is harmful
air quality
Ultra Resources violations
water quality
lack of water in Colorado
food supply & livestock
health effects
explosions & fires

property values
quality of life

tourism & local economy
toxic waste
increased crime rates

What can be done?
proposed laws
Coloradans need an advocate
rewriting regulations
overcoming preemption
how to comment on a permit
less-toxic fracking
other energy sources

Take action now
meeting schedule
sample letters
addresses for letters

politicians' comments

Colorado Springs
& El Paso County
organizations & websites
history of drilling in El Paso County

organizations & websites

organizations & websites

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