Colorado Springs Mayor:

Steve Bach, Mayor (719-385-5900)
30 S. Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Colorado Springs City Council:

Merv Bennett, At-Large (719) 385-5469

Lisa Czelatdko, District 3 (719) 385-5470

Angela Dougan, District 2 (719) 385-5493

Scott Hente, President (719) 385-5487

Bernie Herpin, District 4 (719) 385-5492

Tim Leigh, At-Large (719) 385-5483

Jan Martin, President Pro Tem (719) 385-5486

Val Snider, At-Large (719) 385-5485

Brandy Williams, At-Large (719) 385-5491

Mailing address for Colorado Springs City Councilmembers:
107 N. Nevada Ave Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Group email to Mayor Bach & Colorado Springs City Council

El Paso County Commissioners:

Amy Lathen, County Commissioner Chair, District 2
(719) 520-6412 a my l

Darryl Glenn, County Commissioner, District 1
(719) 520-6411

Sallie Clark, County Commissioner, District 3
(719) 520-6413

Dennis Hisey, County Commissioner, District 4
(719) 520-6414

Peggy Littleton, County Commissioner, District 5
(719) 520-6415

Mailing address for all El Paso County Commissioners:
27 East Vermijo Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80903-2208

Group email to all El Paso County Commissioners

State R epresentatives for El Paso County:

Janak Joshi, State House Representative, District 1 4
Capitol Phone: 303-866-2937

Mark Waller, State House Representative, District 15
Capitol Phone: 303-866-5525

Larry Liston, State House Representative, District 16
Capitol Phone: 303-866-2965

Mark H. Barker, State House Representative, District 17
Capitol Phone: 303-866-3069

Pete Lee, State House Representative, District 18
Capitol Phone: 303-866-2932

Marsha Looper, State House Representative, District 19
Capitol Phone: (303)866-2946

Amy Stephens, State House Representative, District 20
Capitol Phone: 303-866-2348

Mailing address for all State Representatives:
State Capitol Building, 200 E. Colfax Denver, CO 80203

Group email to all El Paso County State Representatives

State Senate Districts in El Paso County:

Mark Scheffel, State Senat or, District 4
Capitol Phone: 303-866-4869

Kent Lambert, State Senator, District 9
Capitol Phone: 303-866-4835

Bill Cadman, State Senator, District 10
Capitol Phone: 303-866-2737

Keith King, State Senat or, District 12
Capitol Phone: 303-866-4880

John P. Morse, State Senat or, District 11
Capitol Phone: (303) 866-6364

Mailing address for all State Senators:
State Capitol Building, 200 E. Colfax Denver, CO 80203

Group email to all El Paso County State Senators


John Hickenlooper, Governor
136 State Capitol, Denver, CO 80203
Capitol Phone: (303) 866-2471

U.S. Senate

Michael Bennet, U.S. Senat or
409 North Tejon St., Suite 107 Colorado Springs, 80903
Phone: (719) 328-1100

Mark Udall, U.S. Senator
2880 International Circle, Suite 107, Colorado Springs, CO 80910
Phone: 719-471-3993
Coloradans, call toll-free: 877-768-3255

U.S. House Representative

Doug Lamborn, U.S. House Representative 5th District
1271 Kelly Johnson Blvd., Suite 110 Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: (719) 520-0055


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water quality
lack of water in Colorado
food supply & livestock
health effects
explosions & fires

property values
quality of life

tourism & local economy
toxic waste
increased crime rates

What can be done?
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Coloradans need an advocate
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